Frequently Asked Questions

Can facilities schedule telemedicine consults through your app?

Usually, when a resident gets sick, they have to be moved to a hospital, which can be pretty tough on them. Our Telemedicine platform allows providers to conduct patient exams within your facility, no matter where they are located.

+ Our platform offers vital sign monitoring, including Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Body Temperature, Weight, and Blood Glucose.
+ It includes face-to-face virtual exams with vital signs displayed in real-time on both the patient's and provider's screens.
+ It includes a scheduling tool for easier appointment management.
+ It automatically sends reminders to both the facility and provider before appointments.
+ Every consult is securely saved on our server.
+ Every day, both you and your provider will receive an email report that details each consultation.

Can providers customize their available hours for telemedicine consults?

Yes, they can! Healthcare providers have the flexibility to set their available hours for telemedicine consultations using our app. This customization ensures that providers can offer consultations at times that align with their schedules and expertise.

Can facilities input resident information using your app?

Our app empowers healthcare facilities by providing them with the capability to input resident information seamlessly. This feature ensures that accurate and up-to-date resident data is available, making the telemedicine consultation process efficient and effective.

Can facilities easily reschedule a telemedicine appointment if needed?

Absolutely! Our app allows you to reschedule telemedicine appointments with ease. Simply log in, find your appointment, and choose a new time that works for you.

Can facilities automate appointment reminders?

Definitely! Our app comes equipped with an automated email reminder feature. Once an appointment is scheduled, both the facility and providers will receive timely email reminders, reducing the chances of missed appointments and ensuring smooth telemedicine consultations.

What billing opportunities does telemedicine open up for my facility?

With telemedicine, you can invoice Medicare and private insurance providers for services rendered during virtual consultations. This additional revenue stream boosts your financial performance and sustainability.

Can telemedicine help in cutting operational costs?

Yes, telemedicine significantly reduces expenses related to transport, overtime, and emergency room visits. By offering virtual healthcare services, you can optimize cost-efficiency and enhance profitability.

Where can I purchase the Bluetooth vital sign sensors?

Bluetooth vital sensors can be purchased from EMA Telemed.

Is the cost of the Bluetooth vital sign sensors reimbursable?

Yes! They are fully reimbursable under RPM Medicare (CPT 99454), RTM and CCM Codes.

Are there any charges for setup or installation to get started?

No, you can startimproving the quality of life for your residents and earning revenue immediately.

How does EMA Telemed receive compensation?

We deduct a small fee from the revenue you generate through our app.