CPT Code Reimbursement

Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) offer reimbursement for your facility's assistance with telemedicine consultations with healthcare providers. Utilize our Medicare Calculator to estimate the potential revenue your facility can generate through our telemedicine platform.

To get started, first select your state. Then, use the slider to specify the number of residents in need of an initial visit.

Next, adjust the slider to indicate how many residents will use our Telemedicine platform daily. Your earnings will be displayed in the box below.

1. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes obtained through "Telehealth Services Covered by Medicare and Included in CPT Code Set tables".
2. Fee schedule sources include: Cahaba Government Benefit Administrators, CGS Administrators, LLC, First Coast Service Options, Inc., National Government Services, Inc., Noridian Administrative Services, LLC, Novitas Solutions, Inc., Palmetto GBA, Wisconsin Physician Service (WPS) Insurance Corporation.
3. The "initial visit" is defined as the first time a physician or practitioner provides a Medicare-covered Telehealth service to a patient.
4. A "subsequent visit" for telehealth is defined as a follow-up encounter with a patient for an established problem that is addressed during a previous visit. The CMS allows for the use of telehealth services for subsequent visits, as long as the services meet the requirements for coverage and payment
5. CPT code reimbursements are determined based on the most densely populated area within each state.
6. Our Medicare Calculator uses the 2023 reimbursement fees for CPT codes. For updated pricing on CPT codes, please click here.
7. For a comprehensive guide on CPT reimbursement codes, including their purposes and usage instructions, click here.