Your residents receive top-quality care without ever having to leave your facility

Attain improved outcomes for your residents, generate more revenue for your facility, and create a superior experience for everyone involved.

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Elevate health while boosting revenue

Through the implementation of telemedicine, healthcare facilities can tap into significant revenue opportunities. By providing virtual healthcare services, these facilities can expand their reach to more residents, draw in new clients, and subsequently enhance revenue streams by invoicing Medicare and private insurance providers for the support rendered during telemedicine consultations.

And that's not all! Telemedicine offers a twofold advantage: it enhances revenue while also cutting costs linked to transport, overtime, and ER visits, ultimately boosting overall profitability. Additionally, healthcare facilities can offer specialized services such as remote monitoring and tele-rehabilitation, potentially attracting more residents and generating higher fees. Embracing Telemedicine strategically benefits healthcare facilities by boosting revenue, reducing costs, expanding reach, and improving resident care efficiency.

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Maximize Telemedicine consults

Healthcare facilities often lack centralized scheduling, hampering telemedicine consults. We solved this by adding a scheduling tool to our app. Providers set their hours, and facilities make appointments for residents based on them. In addition, facilities have the capability to input resident information, automate email reminders, establish procedure timings, and seamlessly manage staff access.

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Allows residents to access medical care without having to leave the facility.
Reduces unnecessary trips to the emergency room.
Examine and treat patients at a fraction of the cost of regular medical visits.
Eliminates the need for transportation and reduces the need for in-person visits.
Detects medical issues early, allowing for early intervention and treatment.
Provides a new stream of revenue and cost savings while also improving the quality of care for residents.

Discover a powerful new source of revenue while simultaneously reducing costs and improving patient care.

Streamline your operations, reduce overhead costs.

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